• HAIPICK, an Autonomous Case-Handling Robotic System


    HAI ROBOTICS successfully invents its first HAIPICK ACR system in 2015, and is the pioneer to put it into mature commercial application. Upgraded to the 4th generation, HAIPICK transforms warehouse operation with automated transportation, retrieval, storage and sortation. HAIPICK System is customizable for a wide variety of environments.


    HAIPICK System consists of HAIPICK robots, multifunctional workstations, intelligent charging stations, storage units and the HAIQ software platform.


    The control precision of the robot can reach to 3mm with intelligent transportation, self-contained navigation, obstruction and auto charging functions. The software of the system uses Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and other advanced capabilities to ensure superior performance in fast-moving distributed environments that require maximum uptime, accuracy and efficiency.

    Check out how BEST Supply Chain improved efficiency with HAIPICK system!

  • 7 Days, 3-4 Times, +80%

    7 DAYS

    Automate your warehouse

    within 7 days!

    3-4 TIMES

    Increase operators' working efficiency

    by 3-4 times


    Increase your warehouse +80% storage

    with 4 meter high shelves

    Short Term ROI

    Within 2 years payback period

    Flexible Business Models

    Buy straight out, also Robots as a Service



    solution design


    software development and test, hardware production and set up


    filed improve, device installation and test


    system test and workshop set up


    pilot, training,

    go-live, delivery


    maintenance and after-sale services


    SF-DHL Supply Chain CHINA

    Shanghai Apparel Warehouse

    • Realized information management and increased picking accuracy to 99.9%
    • Enhanced security with automation and unmanned operation
    • 80% storage capacity increased, 20 times inbound efficiency surge and 3.5 times outbound efficiency improvement
    • Swiftly deployed in one week, and went live in a month, successfully operated in the peak of 618 and double 11 Shopping Festival


    Zhejiang Apparel Factory

    • Increased warehouse efficiency with max. 8 cases carrying capacity of each HAIPICK robot
    • Interacted with automatic conveyors to ensure real-time operation process
    • Realized high storage density
    • Handled materials in a way of kitting to the production line,which increased efficiency and accuracy

    BEST Supply Chain

    Foshan Apparel Warehouse

    • 4 times efficiency increased and 80% storage capacity increased
    • x2 peak season efficiency, x4 max. efficiency
    • One week to deploy, one month to launch

    Mujin, Inc.

    Tokyo Robotic Arms Joint Project

    • Interacted with robotic arms, realizing fully automation in the warehouse
    • 80% storage density increased
    • One week to deploy, two weeks to launch


    Zhuhai Household Appliance Factory

    • Equipped with automatic conveyors to improve working efficiency
    • Interacted with cache shelving to reduce waiting time for workers
  • Intelligent Goods-to-Person Solution

    • Transforms the traditional "Person-to-Goods" to "Goods-to-Person" mode

    Smart In-plant Logistics Solution

    • Realizes the real-time and flexible operation process while breaking the boundary of storehouse and production lines

    Multi-tier Steel Platform Solution

    • Increase the storage density by using warehouses’ space to its full capacity
    • Easy to deploy, expand and transform
    • Low construction cost and short payback period


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    Founded in 2016, HAI ROBOTICS CO., LTD. aspires to help clients optimize warehousing operation with advanced robotics and AI algorithm. We provide efficient, intelligent, flexible and customizable warehouse automation solution and one-stop services.


    We also provide warehousing logistics service in the U.S.

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